why Webflow is the best CMS

October 28, 2022

Content managementsystems or also called CMS are essential for web developers. They allow you tomanage the content of your website simply and can enable your clients to updatetheir own website easily.


In fact, you have to find the CMS that best meets the needs of your business. They all have pros and cons and you need to be able to weigh the pros and cons of each content management system. That's why, for your business, you need to make the choice of the CMS that will be the most flexible and therefore the most suitable for your expectations. In our article, we will see why Webflow is the CMS you need!


1. Webflow is a reliable CMS

Many CMS have the same problem, there are often bugs and websites that use them crash. There are a lot of CMS that have security flaws, that slow down your website or that cause errors on your pages (especially if using plugins).
Webflow is not like any other CMS. The tool offers the best results to your website in terms of security and web performance. The tool is designed to allow you to have a personalised and performing website.

2. Webflow is apractical CMS


When choosing yourCMS, you need to choose one that will optimise your productivity. Many CMS onthe market are long in loading time, invade you with ads or do not allow you torecover your work.
Luckily Webflow was invented! Among the advantages of Webflow, we find the speed of execution, the optimised interface and the  automatic backup function to be incredible. Even if your computer crashes or if you make a wrong manipulation, you can recover the state of your work very quickly.



3. Webflow is acontent-optimized CMS


When you use a CMS, itimplies writing content, editing it and modifying it. This is the basis of aCMS. However, some content management systems offer a non-optimal interface forcontent management and editing.
In Webflow, writingand editing are made easy. Thanks to the editor mode, you can edit the content of your web pages directly on your site, as if it was live. By hovering overt texts, images and buttons, you can add content even if you know nothing about the web.
Which is perfect forsome of our clients!


4. Webflow is a CMSfor everyone

There are two types ofCMS: there are those intended for web developers and those intended for thegeneral public. In both cases, there is a part that is left out. But this isnot the case with Webflow.
Indeed, Webflow isaimed at experts but with the new editor mode its easy for beginers to changesome of the site easily. There is a technical part for web developers (and anaccessible part to update your website. Thus, your client will be able to dosome small changes if they so desire instead of always asking you to makechanges (like weekly promotion etc)

5. Webflow is anSEO-friendly CMS


At media force, weoften say that having a website is good, but having a visible website is better!  For your website to have a beneficial impact on your business, it must be well positioned on search engines. We call that SEO, the techniques needed to be better positioned on the web results.
Webflow offers many features to optimise your SEO. You have direct access to your Title andMeta-description tags, you have a clean code that you can change, Webflow offers the fastest loading time for your pages, you can autogenerate  sitemaps, redirections are done automatically.


6. Webflow is a CMS that offers many integrations


You may need to connect different applications / tools and make integrations for your business.With Webflow, no need for plugins! You thanks to a custom API key your integrations and automate your tasks as you wish.
If you were still hesitating on the right CMS to choose for your business, I hope that we have answered a few question on Webflow. Due to its interface and amazing. We can guaranty that Webflow is the best CMS in the world.

If you want to speak to us about building you an amazing website let us know!


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