How a retargeting campaign works?

October 28, 2022

A user searches for a product on his favorite search engine; he scrolls through the links and clicks on one of them. Being interested, the user will search for the same item on another page and so on. After a few searches, the user fails to decide and therefore stops searching.

The next day, the user decides to look for something on the Internet and comes across a banner advertising the same product as the day before... but with a discount! Very interested, he clicks on the banner and comes back to the merchant site. He finds the discount very interesting and decides to buy the product.

Thus you understand, the strategy is based on observing and analysing the users' searches in order to re-propose the product in the form of a banner ad a few hours later when the user may be more likely to purchase the item.

Retargeting targets the right audience

As you may have understood, retargeting refines your audience and reminds your existence to visitors likely to choose your products. Retargeting maximises your brand awareness and therefore increases the return on investment of your campaigns. As the number of visits to your website increases, your business becomes more competitive and sales are stimulated.
By targeting an audience already interested in your products or services, you can accurately define your company's prospects.
How do I choose a remarketing strategy for my business?
This type of process cannot be improvised. You need to be well informed and well accompanied to optimise and carry out this strategy in the best possible way.
Several types of retargeting exist depending on your objectives.
What can media force do for me ?
1. Set up a tracking system; a system that will follow the Internet users and exclude those who are not interested in your products.
2. Create the campaign by choosing the right message to convey and the right bidding method.
3. Strategically choose where the ads should appear on: Google Ads or on social networks such as Facebook, which also offer retargeting options.
It is important to be careful because a poorly optimised campaign can damage your brand image! That's why it's very important to make your campaign in a thoughtful way to increase your conversions and also to avoid scaring away Internet users.

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