8 reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency in 2022

October 27, 2022

Here is our list of 8reasons why you really should hire a digital marketing agency in 2022:


1.    You benefit from the knowledge of an expert

2.    They can reach more channels than you thought

3.    You have time to focus on your business

4.    Significant savings

5.    A competitive sector strategy

6.    New ideas!

7.    Datadriven



1.    You benefitfrom specialized knowledge

If acronyms like SEO,PPC, CTR, ROAS, ROI, CVR (or CR), B2B, CPC, BR, CPM, etc. are only confusingand giving you headaches, it's time to hire a digital marketing agency.
 Experts working in anagency know exactly what all of these acronyms mean…and how to use them. Letthem take care of those acronyms and give you results.



2.    They may reach more channels than you thought

If you only think about reaching your customers through ads and your website, you are excluding communication channels such as email, social media, blogs and even good old SEO research.
 An agency will come up with a plan for you to reach the audience you want, anywhere, anytime online.



3.    You have time to focus on your business

An in-house marketing team has many advantages, but  some of its downsides are the loss of valuable time to run campaigns, resources to keep operations running smoothly, and time to set up the team and processes.
By hiring a digital marketing agency, you will save time and effort, which will allow you to focus on running your business and improving other key performance factors in theoperational area. No training, onboarding or management required.




4.    Significant savings

If you compare an in-house business to that of an outside agency, you might be surprised to find that the agencies are less expensive.
 Agencies work as independent contractors, which means you don't pay salaries or taxes. You also reduce the recurring costs of a full-time employee, such as health care,salaries and other benefits. And there are many agencies that work by project, which means you choose when, where and how much you spend. Over time, an agency can therefore represent big savings for your company.
 Another advantage is that it is scalable. As your business grows, your internal marketing team should grow with you. This is not the case with a digital marketing agency.Just tell them your new budgets and goals and you're done.


5.    A competitive sector strategy

A digital marketing agency will need to research your business, often uncovering new trends that you might find useful or even new competitors you didn't know existed. It is literally their job to know your competitive environment and your industry so that they can develop a strategy that considers all internal and external factors. This way, you don'thave to do any research yourself and you may even find key information that you wouldn't have found otherwise.

6.    New ideas!

Two heads think better than one. And the minds of a whole team of marketing experts think much better than two. A good digital marketing agency can recommend which activities to undertake based on your business, your audience, and your key performance indicators. It can also help you think outside the business, around, above, below, and to the side when it comes to communicating your product's strengths.

7.    You can wait and enjoy the results


An in-house marketing team will work to promote your products, helping you know what to improve and what to remove from the equation. While a digital marketing agency takes care of getting the message across. Your brand message is already present on different channels and platforms, generating positive public relations on your products or services and contributing to visibility, awareness and attraction. All  you do is sit back and relax, enjoying the nice weather while your brand gets noticed.
“Having a digital marketing agency allows you to start your campaigns almost immediately. You don't need to familiarise yourself with the learning curve or set up a team.It's possible to see your campaigns live within weeks of strategising. »



8.    Data Driven

An agency is able to determine key performance indicators for your business, as well as track your business goals and requirements. They will also be able to identify the relevant indicators on different channels and give you results on each analysis and communication. The advantage of the digital world is that everything is data drien.

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