4 reasons to integrate animations on your website

October 27, 2022


Animations allow you to give a boost to your site and gain notoriety.Indeed, original transitions and animated illustrations help you create a dynamic and attractive website. Thus, you carry more weight with Google and your prospects. Let's see in more detail why the use animations on your website, is possibly one of the right solutions for your company


1.    Integrate animations to optimise the user experience and improve the referencing of thewebsite

More than embellishing your web pages, the goal is to optimise the user experience. This is also called “UX”, and it is one of the essential criteriafor a site that works. Your business must continually gain popularity and credibility. So you can't afford to create a basic website that lacks dynamism.Your website is the foundation of your communication, so it must be impactfulto mark the minds of Internet users.
Different parameters influence the optimization of your website:
The structure of your site, which must be as clear as possible;
The loading speed of your website;
The content you publish, which must be optimized for the web thanks toan effective SEO strategy;
The quality of the user experience.
Our marketing agency takes care of each of these crucial points.
For an optimal user experience, each parameter must be optimized. A userwill leave your site if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. Your bounce ratewill be hurt. However, this factor influences the search engine algorithmswhich will penalize your website. As you will have understood, you must at allcosts revitalize your website.

2.    Add animations to have an intuitive website

Again, you must facilitate the navigation of the user, with aneasy-to-use site where the different categories are clearly indicated, with a tree structure that allows your audience to quickly find answers to their questions. The editorial content you publish must also be relevant, with some added value.
Thanks to animations, the solution to the user is obvious. It can be dynamic highlighting, moving arrows, etc..


3.    Use animations for a responsive website


The majority of the traffic you will get on the site will be from mobiledevices smart phone tablets etc. So, designing a responsive website is nolonger an option if ou want any chance of getting in the top rankings on googe.
You need to make sure all of these are working perfectly for Google’s algorithmto give you a chance :
Have suitable HTML markup;
Propose an optimized menu to navigate between the different categories;
Adapt the appearance of pop-up windows for cookies, capturing e-mails and newsletters;
Use responsive design to energize your site without making it unreadable.


4.    Use animations to distinguish yourself from competing websites


Although animations are essential, not all of your competitors haveadopted them yet, so take the lead in convincing your prospects with anattractive website. However, be careful not to use too many animations at therisk of making your website unreadable.

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